Arin'sen Klingon transport

Klingon transport

For the 24th century transport, please see Klingon civilian transport ship.

The Klingon transport was a type of small transport utilized within the Klingon Empire during the mid-22nd century. This type of vessel was characterized by a long fuselage section capped by a small, conical cockpit on its forward section and two typical warp nacelles aft. The ship was green in color, similar to other Klingon ships of that era.

In 2152, fifty-four Arin'Sen refugees fled the planet Raatooras (after it was annexed and strip-mined) aboard one of these transport vessels. The transport was pursued and attacked by the D5-class battle cruiser IKS Bortas, commanded by Duras. It suffered heavy damage and two-seven dead in its six weeks in space, and was ultimately intercepted by the Earth Starfleet NX-class starship Enterprise. The transport vessel's passengers were transferred to Enterprise by Captain Jonathan Archer, who later stood trial for this "crime". (ENT: "Judgment")

In the final draft script of "Judgment", this type of vessel was described as half the size of an NX-class starship. [1] As it turned out, though, the Klingon transport looks clearly smaller than the NX-class. For more information on this studio model, see ENT studio models.