The Kobali language was the spoken language of the Kobali, a species native to the Delta Quadrant that reanimated the dead of other species to procreate.

When former Ensign Lyndsay Ballard was brought back to life, she was reprogrammed to think in Kobali first, and had to translate things into English in her head. (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes")

Established words Edit

  • Bekta : "Fire" (as in a weapon) or "Engage"
  • Tam'vitte : "Computer" (or something required for computer attention)
  • Cham'bioque : "Success" or "Completed" (Used as a celebratory exclamation)
  • Kyn'steya : "Past Life"
  • Vyk'tiote : "Crumpled dance".
Literal translation of a certain kind of wave phenomenon.

Established dialogue Edit

  • Vien'ke debala, Jhet'leya. : The comets are tiresome.
It is possible that Lyndsay Ballard's Kobali name, Jhet'leya, means "comet" in the Kobali language. This would be consistent with the fact that they recovered her from a photon torpedo casing.

Dialogue Edit

In Lyndsay's shuttle...

Lyndsay: "Tam'vitte... Rel mestal!"
Shuttle computer: "Mestal te'iote senve."
Lyndsay: "Siote ven'suil. Bekta! Tam'vitte, me'iote sendaya Voyager."

In engineering, Lyndsay switched back and forth from Kobali to English:

"All I need to do is vyq'tal the qen'dioqe matrices, stabilize the per'cheya, tez'tel se nenna... Cham'bioque!"

Lyndsay yelled at The Doctor and Harry Kim:

"Stoi'gia! Net'staika pen'daeli shevaob!"