Kohlar, son of Kolax, was a Klingon commander of a generational D7-class Klingon battle cruiser that ended up in the Delta Quadrant. Beginning with his great-grandfather, Kohlar was one of the four generations, of Klingons that were searching for the kuvah'magh, or savior.

In 2377, when he first encountered USS Voyager, he believed that the Federation and Klingon Empire were still at war, but Captain Kathryn Janeway was able to convince him that they were at peace.

Upon meeting B'Elanna Torres, who was pregnant, Kohlar, who felt that his crew had suffered long enough and should settle a planet somewhere, jumped on this fortunate coincidence and proclaimed that she was carrying the kuvah'magh. He destroyed his own ship so that he and his crew could stay aboard Voyager and witness the birth of their savior. He later admitted that he didn't know whether her child was their savior or not, but asked her to help him convince his people that it was.

Many of Kohlar's crew did not believe that Torres was carrying the kuvah'magh due to her half-Human heritage. A battle ultimately ensued for control of Voyager. After the crew of Voyager prevailed, the Klingons were cured of the deadly nehret by The Doctor synthesizing an antivirus from the fetus' hybrid stem cell antibodies. This convinced the rest of the Klingons that the prophecy had been fulfilled. They were later beamed down to a new planet that would become their home, with Kohlar giving his great-grandfather's antique bat'leth to Torres as a gift for the baby. (VOY: "Prophecy")

Kohlar was played by Wren T. Brown. In an interesting production oddity, Kohlar's hair seemed to change between scenes several times throughout the episode, likely the result of two wigs being used during filming. [1]
It is noteworthy that the bat'leth that Kohlar presented to Torres at the conclusion of "Prophecy" is a near-twin to the Sword of Kahless (as was seen in DS9: "The Sword of Kahless"). The simplest explanation would be since the Sword of Kahless is supposed to be the first one invented, all the early ones were patterned after it.
The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 434) described Kohlar as a cleric.
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