Lieutenant Konmel was a male Klingon officer in the Klingon Defense Force in the 24th century.

Konmel, along with Korris and Kunivas, became disillusioned with the attitude of peace within the Empire, and what he perceived to be the loss of the traditional warrior ways of his people.

In 2364, the three stole the Batris, a Talarian freighter, and was involved in the destruction of the IKS T'Acog. Rescued from the damaged freighter by the USS Enterprise-D, he set about trying to convince Lieutenant Worf to join him and Korris in their attempts to engage in "glorious battles".

When Captain Jean-Luc Picard learned of their status as criminals, he ordered them to be arrested and put in the brig. Konmel and Korris made a phaser from parts concealed in their uniforms, and attempted a breakout. However, Konmel was killed in the escape attempt. (TNG: "Heart of Glory")

Konmel was part of Commander William T. Riker's memories while being infected on the surface of Surata IV and treated in sickbay. (TNG: "Shades of Gray")

Konmel was played by Charles H. Hyman.
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