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In an alternate timeline, Korena Sisko was a Bajoran woman and artist who married Jake Sisko in 2381. At the insistence of Jake's grandfather Joseph Sisko, the marriage ceremony took place in his restaurant, Sisko's Creole Kitchen, in New Orleans. The wedding was attended by Kira Nerys, Jadzia Dax and Miles O'Brien, among others.

At one point, he offered her the chance to design the cover for his latest book.

They were married for many years, but separated and then divorced. Jake's obsession with saving his father, Benjamin Sisko, from a temporal flux that had trapped him in subspace caused him to ignore Korena's needs and abandon his writing. (DS9: "The Visitor")


Background information

Korena was played by Galyn Görg.


In the Deep Space Nine relaunch series, the story Fragments and Omens shows that Jake Sisko married the same Azeni Korena as he became dissatisfied with his life living in the Kendra Province with a returned-from-the-Prophets Benjamin Sisko, as well as Kasidy Sisko and their new baby Rebecca. When introduced to her, Benjamin Sisko recognized her as the wife that Jake had in the alternate timeline which he experienced. Korena also appears in Rough Beasts of Empire and Raise the Dawn. According to the novel The Good That Men Do, she and Jake had a daughter, who was named after Jennifer Sisko, by the early 25th century.

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