Korinas was an operative of the Obsidian Order, the Cardassian intelligence agency.

In 2371, Korinas represented the Obsidian Order as an observer during Commander Benjamin Sisko and Gul Dukat's search for the USS Defiant, which had been captured by Thomas Riker and the Maquis from inside the Cardassian War Room of the Cardassian Central Command.

Korinas questioned Dukat's abilities during the search mission and also ordered to secure all intelligence information with a level four classification and above. During the search mission Korinas threatened Dukat and the starships of the Cardassian military when they headed for the Orias system where the Order secretly and illegally built a base protected by Keldon-class warships.

When the Defiant and Kraxon engaged the Keldon-class warships, Korinas left the War Room. (DS9: "Defiant")

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Korinas was played by actress Tricia O'Neil who filmed her scenes between Monday 3 October 1994 and Wednesday 5 October 1994 on Paramount Stage 4.

The script describes Korinas as "a woman who's so confident of her power and ability that she has no need to posture or bluster like the usual Cardassian Guls". (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion - A Series Guide and Script Library) According to the script pronunciation guide her name was pronounced as "KOR-ee-nas". [1]

The costume worn by O'Neil was later re-used and worn by stunt actress Elle Alexander in the seventh season episode "The Dogs of War" and sold off at the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [2]

According to the call sheets, her makeup was applied by Camille Calvet.

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Korinas was depicted on two cards of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game. In the first edition, series CCG: Deep Space Nine, her card is titled "Korinas" and in the second edition, series This Side of Paradise, her card is titled "Korinas – Observer from the Obsidian Order". [3] [4]

Korinas is a character in the internet fan fiction series Star Trek: War Aftermath first episode, titled "The True Way", where she worked with Gul Revok.

In the fan made video game Star Trek Armada III: A Call to Arms, the Korinas-class is a Cardassian starship class. [5]

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