The Korma Conference was a meeting held on the Cardassian planet Korma between the Cardassian Union and Bajor in 2372. The purpose of the conference was to share intelligence that the Bajorans had on the Klingons.

First Minister Shakaar Edon made a personal request to Kira Nerys that she head the Bajoran delegation, after he treated her to dinner in Jalanda City, gave her lots of springwine, and gave her a massage with Kolaish spice oil.

The Federation expressed concerns at the conference, which Worf relayed to Kira. Kira was instructed to not give the Cardassians information on technological advances that Starfleet had shared with both Bajor and the Klingon Empire. These included photon torpedo guidance systems, long-range sensors and enhanced warp core overdrives.

Kira was taken to the conference aboard Dukat's Cardassian military freighter, the Groumall. Upon arrival, they discovered that the outpost had been destroyed by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, commanded by K'Temang. All of the conference attendees were killed, including the fifteen Bajoran delegates. (DS9: "Return to Grace")

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