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:''Pa'Dar was played by [[Robert Mandan]].''
:''Pa'Dar was played by [[Robert Mandan]].''
Category:[[Cardassians|Pa'Dar, Kotan ]]
Category:[[Cardassians|Pa'Dar, Kotan]]

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Kotan Pa'Dar was a high ranking Cardassian offical, rival of Gul Dukat, and father of Rugal.

During the Occupation of Bajor, he believed his entire family was killed by Bajoran terrorists fighting to free their world from the Cardassians.

In 2370, it was learned that his son, Rugal, had survived and was being raised by a Bajorian family, as he was thought to be an orphan. Dukat planned to use this evidence in an attempt to politically disgrace Pa'Dar. Pa'Dar had been investigating the Cardassians who had provided weapons to the Alliance for Global Unity earlier in the year. Dukat's plan was foiled when Garak found out that Rugal was deliberately left behind by Dukat. Sisko than returned the boy to his father. (DS9: "Cardassians")

Pa'Dar was played by Robert Mandan.

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