Kotra, Empok Nor

A kotra board

Kotra was a popular Cardassian board game which, as Elim Garak described it, favored bold tactical maneuvers over defensive play; hence Garak's criticism of Nog's attempts to regroup his pieces during a game they played aboard a runabout in 2373. He asked Chief Miles O'Brien if he wished to play the winner, as he felt a match played against the hero of Setlik III would be thrilling.

A second kotra board was found in the station commander's office in the abandoned Cardassian station Empok Nor. (DS9: "Empok Nor")

Dukat had a kotra board in his quarters aboard Terok Nor during the Occupation of Bajor. (DS9: "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night")

Kotra board sketch

John Eaves concept art

The script described kotra as "a cross between chess and Stratego".

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