Kov was a Vulcan V'tosh ka'tur who served as an engineer aboard the Vahklas, a Vahklas-type.

He and his father had a falling out, and did not communicate for about nine or ten years, eight of which he spent on the Vahklas. During this time, his father was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

In 2151, he was sent to Enterprise NX-01 to work with their engineers. During his time there, he and Commander Charles Tucker III, the chief engineer, became friends. Kov had many misconceptions about Humans, such as their sleeping and mating practices. When the Vulcan High Command learned that Enterprise was in contact with the Vahklas crewmember, they informed Enterprise's captain, Jonathan Archer, of Kov's father's illness. Archer was unable to convince Kov to call home, and so the captain gave the task to Tucker. Kov stated that he and his father had ended their relationship years before, when his father told him that he was a disgrace to their family.

Recalling a dance when he was younger during which he never worked up the courage to dance with the girl he had a crush on, Commander Tucker persuaded Kov to contact his father one last time, telling Kov that regret was a difficult emotion to cope with. As a result, Kov learned that his father was going to undergo surgery that would prolong his life. (ENT: "Fusion")

Kov was played by actor John Harrington Bland.
As established in the first draft script of "Fusion" (which had the working title "Equilibrium"), this character was originally to have been named "Fraht". Also in the episode's teleplay (both the first draft and the final draft), Kov was described as "more 'full bodied' than the average Vulcan."
Before John Harrington Bland was given this role, actor Kelly Connell was initially cast to portray Kov but was unable to fulfill the part. ("Fusion" call sheet) Actor Matt Malloy also auditioned for the part, and the role was offered to him, too, though he couldn't commit himself to accepting it since the production period for "Fusion" conflicted with a movie he was doing. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 3, Issue 3, p. 28)

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