Kova Tholl was a male Mizarian in the 24th century and became a public servant. He enjoyed private meditation and was considered one of the brightest of his race.

He was a pacifist who knew of no one who could bear malice against his race or himself personally. He boasted of his intelligence and considered himself to be neither important enough to be held for ransom nor radical enough to be considered a threat.

In 2366, along with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Esoqq, he was abducted and replaced with a replica by a hitherto unknown species for use in a covert experiment to study their different attitudes towards authority. His reaction was to submit to authority when exerted to avoid conflict. He was the first to arrive in the cell, where he tried to open the door and was subsequently punished by an energy beam. He then decided to meditate and, when the others arrived, refused to help in escaping, preferring to wait to find out what their captors want and not risking being trouble for them. He eventually did help in opening the inner door, but, seeing there was another door, saw proof that the attempt was useless.

Tholl was later returned to Mizar II when the experiment ended. (TNG: "Allegiance")

Kova Tholl was played by Stephen Markle.
In a line cut from the filmed episode, Tholl stated that he was an assistant to the regent of Pozaron, the third-largest city on Mizar II. [1]
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