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"I've been fascinated by Terran history and methodology since I was a boy."
– Kovich to Philippa Georgiou, 3189 ("Die Trying")

Kovich was a Federation agent who interrogated Philippa Georgiou upon her arrival at Federation Headquarters in the 32nd century.

He was knowledgeable about Terran history and raised the supposition that the Terran Empire was "based on the maxim, 'because we feel like it'". He was also curious about Georgiou, particularly her reasons for travelling to the future, and attempted to learn about her from her own questions and curiosity. He allowed her to destroy his tricom badge in the process, but offered as little response to her questions as possible. He did volunteer the knowledge that the Terran Empire "fell centuries ago" however, and that no crossing between universes had been made "in over 500 years", causing Georgiou visible distress. (DIS: "Die Trying")

Hugh Culber consulted Kovich in trying to find a cure for the ailment that had inflicted Georgiou due to her being both displaced temporally and dimensionally. He then showed Culber a holographic depiction of Yor, a time soldier and the only other individual known to have crossed both time and dimensions. Kovich told Culber that there was no way to cure Georgiou, however Culber proved him wrong after consulting USS Discovery's computer which had merged with the Sphere data, leading them to a supposed answer on Dannus V. (DIS: "Terra Firma, Part 1")

During Osyraa's commandeering of Discovery, Kovich expressed his reservations to Charles Vance about possibly destroying Discovery to keep it out of Emerald Chain hands, as he saw Discovery's spore drive as the way to reunite the Federation. (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 2")

Kovich was played by David Cronenberg.
Kovich's name is not mentioned in dialogue nor in the credits, but was revealed in promotional materials for Star Trek: Discovery.
Though Kovich doesn't wear a Starfleet uniform, his tricom badge suggests a rank of commodore, according to concept art outlining the 32nd century rank system. (TRR: "Scavengers")
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