Kran-Tobol prison was a prison on Bajor during and after the Cardassian Occupation.

A Bajoran geneticist was arrested for conducting cloning experiments and held at the prison with other dissidents. Another Bajoran, Ibudan, was arrested by Odo for murdering a Cardassian officer and sent here. He met the geneticist and learned methods of tri-phasic cloning, which Ibudan used after his release in 2369 to create a clone of himself. He then attempted to frame Odo for his own murder by killing his clone.

Quark had some friends at Kran-Tobol. He asked them about Ibudan's time there while he was trying to help Odo. (DS9: "A Man Alone")

When Major Kira kidnapped Surmak Ren to force him to develop an antidote to the aphasia virus the same year, he threatened she'd spend the rest of her life in Kran-Tobol prison if she didn't take him back immediately. (DS9: "Babel")

The Star Trek Encyclopedia uses the spelling "Kran-tobal".

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