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Kre-O is a brand of plastic construction toys that was first released by Hasbro in the fall of 2011 with sets based on its Transformers and Battleship properties. It is similar to LEGO and Mega Bloks and is largely compatible with those product lines.

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Kre-O Star Trek Kreon figures

On 10 February 2012, Hasbro announced that the company would be producing toys based on Star Trek Into Darkness and had plans to release action figures, role-play accessories, and a line of Kre-O Star Trek sets in 2013.

Preliminary images depicted "Kreons" (the Kre-O equivalent of "Lego People") of Kirk, Spock, and Sulu. A Kre-O USS Enterprise set with a flip-up saucer section revealing the ship's bridge was also previewed. [1][2]

A promotional video showing a parodic re-enactment of the teaser trailer from Star Trek was premiered in 2012. In the video, a Kre-O USS Enterprise (alternate reality) was seen being constructed at the Riverside Shipyard by Kreon workers.[3]

On 7 May 2013, Hasbro released a short promotional video for Star Trek Kre-O which was co-produced by Bad Robot Productions with visual effects provided by its subsidiary Kelvin Optical, Inc. This short spoof saw the USS Enterprise (alternate reality) being dragged through a black hole into the Kre-O universe where the crew came under attack from a giant starship captained by "Green Spiky Head".[4] A later short had the Kre-O versions of Kirk and Spock (alternate reality) sit in a school's detention facility with other characters from the Kre-O line. [5]

A number of Kre-O products were premiered at Toy Fair in New York City on 10 February 2013 and the line first reached retail in May 2013.

The Kre-O Micro Build USS Enterprise from the Original Series was distributed by Hasbro at 2013's San Diego Comic-Con International and bundled by video game retailer GameStop with pre-ordered copies of the Star Trek video game.

During Into Darkness' volcano sequence on Nibiru, Shuttle 1 (as indicated by dialog) was represented by the CGI model for Shuttle 7. Interior displays in Shuttle 1 indicating "04NCC" may have been why labels included in the "Spock's Volcano Mission" Kre-O set identify the shuttle as Shuttle 4 and do not reference the name Warrant. Later in the film, the designation "Klingon Bird-of-Prey" was not explicitly used and the design was instead referred to as "D4-class" in dialogue.

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The alternate reality USS Enterprise release has been featured in the Wolowitz household as set dressing in the hugely popular and heavily Star Trek referencing sitcom The Big Bang Theory from season 9 onwards.

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