Kristin was a member of the USS Enterprise-D crew in the late 2360s.

In 2368, she was injured twice while diving off the Cliffs of Heaven in a recreation of Sumiko IV in Holodeck Program 47-C, having mixed up the order in which she should have assumed various positions. Doctor Beverly Crusher diagnosed her with torn ligaments and suggested she try the Emerald Wading Pool on Cirrus IV instead, as it was much safer.

While she was in sickbay, the entire crew of the Enterprise had their memories selectively blocked by a Satarran operative, allowing them to retain their talents but causing them to be unable to remember who they were. The doctor quickly realized her role as a physician, treating Kristin's injury without thinking about it. Kristin, however, had no such way of determining her role aboard the ship, as she was still wearing her bathing suit. She asked Crusher if the doctor had any clothing she could borrow until she could find the pool again. (TNG: "Conundrum")

Kristin was played by actress Liz Vassey.
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