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Kristine Cox (originally credited as Kristine Fernandes, and later Kristine Fernandez) began her association with Star Trek as an production associate on the final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. After TNG ended, Cox served as the assistant to Rick Berman on Star Trek Generations. She then became a production associate on Star Trek: Voyager for that show's first season before moving on to work with the production staff of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from its second season through its sixth.

Cox (at the time credited as Kristine Fernandes) served as production associate on DS9 during its second and third seasons. Throughout the show's fourth and fifth seasons, she was the show's post production supervisor. She became the show's associate producer at the start of its sixth season, and began using the name Kristine Cox with that season's "Statistical Probabilities". She ultimately left the series before that season ended, with her final episode being "Inquisition".

The planet Alpha Fernandes III in the episode "Inheritance" and Lieutenant Kristine Fernandez in "The Killing Game" were named after her.

Prior to her work on Star Trek, Cox worked as assistant to the producers on the television drama The Promise of Love (1980, starring Joanna Miles and Dey Young, art direction by Herman Zimmerman, and makeup by Wes Dawn) and as script supervisor on the television special Warner Bros. Celebration of Tradition, June 2, 1990 (1990, set decoration by Jim Mees). Beside her work on the Trek series, she also worked as script supervisor on the television series Sister, Sister (1994-1996).

Star Trek credits

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  • TNG:
    • Season 7 – Production Associate (26 episodes, credited as Kristine Fernandes)

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