Krola was a male Malcorian politician of the 24th century. By 2367, he became the Minister of Security on Malcor III.

Like many Malcorians, he was a conservative in that he believed in a traditional way of life where technology was adopted slowly. When Avel Durken took the position of Chancellor, he consistently advised him to slow down policies of change and reform. He normally considered himself the only realist in the room. For example, he recommended a warp drive experiment proposed by Mirasta Yale be delayed, since there had already been many new ideas and technology introduced.

In 2367, he learned of an apparent alien, Commander William T. Riker, in critical condition at Sikla Medical Facility. He initially kept it secret, as he was extremely distrustful of him and what he represented. Having been informed from Durken that the alien's captain was in contact, he revealed he knew Riker's location. He became convinced that even if the intentions of the Federation were peaceful, it would mean the end of the Malcorians' way of life. Krola believed that the crew of the USS Enterprise-D was attempting to infiltrate Malcorian society after he learned there were more aliens and that they had been there for years. In an attempt to dissuade Durken from establishing relations with the Federation, Krola shot himself with Riker's phaser, placing it in Riker's hand to make it look like Riker did it. Because the weapon was set on stun, the attempt did not succeed, but Krola's actions convinced Durken that the Malcorians were not ready to accept the existence of alien life. Krola was treated on the Enterprise and returned to the planet.

While he failed to martyr himself, he did delay first contact and introduction to the Federation by some generations.(TNG: "First Contact")

Krola was played by actor Michael Ensign.

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