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The Kuvah'magh (translated "the savior of our people") was a Klingon religious figure, worshiped by a minority that left the empire to search for it in the Delta Quadrant in the mid-23rd century.

There were many prophecies surrounding the coming of the Kuvah'magh, such as:

"You would know me before I know the world."
"You will follow in my footsteps before I have made them."
"The kuvah'magh is younger than old age and stronger than sickness."
"You will find me after two warring houses make peace."
"The kuvah'magh will be descended from a noble house."

It was believed that the Kuvah'magh was most likely to be conceived during the Holy month of nay'Poq.

This was said to be fourteen to fifteen weeks prior to the events in the episode.

There were also prophecies about the Kuvah'magh's mother:

She was to be an off-worlder.
She would have lived a life of solitude and endured many hardships.
She would have won a glorious victory against an army of 10,000 warriors.

There was even a prophecy which said "the father of the Kuvah'magh will be an honorable warrior."

In 2377, the D7-class battle cruiser captained by Kohlar believed they discovered the Kuvah'magh as Miral Paris, the child of B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris. Their interpretations of the prophecies noted that the child did not "know the world" as it was not yet born, they had "followed" the child's journey before it had started existence in the Delta Quadrant, and the warring houses were the Federation and the Klingon Empire, while Torres was an off-worlder who had known many hardships and isolation in her life. (VOY: "Prophecy")


In the Voyager relaunch duology Star Trek: Voyager - Spirit Walk, Torres uncovers further evidence that Miral may be the Kuvah'magh when study of the ancient prophecies reveals a passage that refers to the Kuvah'magh as a "voyager". However, after such challenges as Miral being abducted by a Klingon religious sect and Torres being forced to hide with her back in the Delta Quadrant, her destiny is undone when Q's son arranges for the religious sect hunting Miral to die in the recent Borg invasion (Star Trek: Destiny) before he sacrifices himself to save the universe, reasoning that he is sparing Miral from the burden of being her peoples' messiah after living with such a burden himself (The Eternal Tide).

In the computer game Star Trek Online, many more Klingons seem to believe that Miral Paris is the Kuvah'magh, which is confirmed by the Guardian of Forever. Miral joins Starfleet like her parents, and many Klingons would have followed her lead. A mission during the game sees her abducted and taken into the past, where her DNA was used to cure the Klingon augment virus in the late 23rd century.