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Kwejian was a class M planet with one moon. It was inhabited by the Kwejian people, who resided in a shielded area called the Sanctuary on one of the continents. (DIS: "The Sanctuary")

Astronomical data

Kwejian was located two weeks' travel from Federation Headquarters at full warp. Its catalogue number in the Starfleet database was Beta-340403-342018.

The planet's orbit had a semi-major axis of 108.208 million kilometers (0.723332 au), an aphelion of 108.939 million kilometers (0.728213 au), and a perihelion of 107.477 million kilometers (0.718440 au). Its orbital eccentricity was 0.006772, and its average orbital speed was 35.02 kilometers per second. Its orbit was inclined 3.39458 degrees to the ecliptic, 3.68 degrees to its sun's equator, and 2.19 degrees to the invariable plane. Its orbital period was 23.549 hours and its year was 583.92 days long. (DIS: "The Sanctuary")


Map of Kwejian's surface showing the continent where the Sanctuary is located

Described as "beautiful" by Cleveland Booker, Kwejian contained oceans and forests. Its native lifeforms included trance worms and sea locusts. The environment of Sanctuary Four resembled that of Kwejian. (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 1", "The Sanctuary")


In the late 31st century, subspace damage caused by the the Burn shifted the orbit of Kwejian's moon, which in turn changed the tides on the surface. As a result, vast numbers of sea locusts emerged from the ocean and devoured the Kwejian harvest, leading to millions starving. The Emerald Chain offered them repellent to drive the locusts away, in exchange for the planet's trance worms.

In 3174, Cleveland Booker left his homeworld in disgust over their deal with the Emerald Chain, and dedicated himself to saving trance worms.

In 3189, Osyraa withheld the sea locust repellent from Kwejian, threatening them again with famine, as leverage for her demand that Steward of the Sanctuary Kyheem deliver Booker to her. In response to Kyheem's message, the USS Discovery arrived and, after a brief standoff with Osyraa's flagship Viridian, forced her to withdraw. The Discovery crew then devised a means to amplify the electromagnetic connection between the sea locusts, allowing Kyheem and Booker to combine their empathic abilities and persuade the creatures to return to the ocean. (DIS: "The Sanctuary")

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