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Kyheem was a male Kwejian who served as Steward of the Sanctuary in the 32nd century. His brother was Tareckx, later known as Cleveland Booker, though they were not biologically related. Like Booker, he had the empathic ability to communicate with plants and animals.

In 3174, Kyheem began working with the Emerald Chain, hunting trance worms for them in exchange for repellent needed to protect Kwejian harvests from sea locusts. The same year, Booker departed to dedicate himself to saving trance worms. Kyheem saw Booker as a coward who abandoned his family and planet; his resentment deepened when their father and grandfather died during Booker's absence. His son Leto was born during this period.

In 3189, Emerald Chain leader Osyraa told Kyheem that he needed to find Booker to receive the sea locust repellent. Kyheem thus sent a message to Booker through the courier network explaining the threat of famine on Kwejian. After Booker arrived with Commander Michael Burnham, Osyraa commanded Kyheem to hand them over to her to use as leverage against the USS Discovery. When he hesitated, Osyraa began carpet-bombing the Sanctuary from her flagship, the Viridian. Kyheem made another effort to capture Booker and Burnham, but still could not bring himself to harm them.

Soon after, the Discovery crew forced Osyraa to retreat. They then devised a way to amplify the electromagnetic connection between the sea locusts, allowing Kyheem and Booker to combine their empathic abilities and persuade the swarm to return to the ocean. With his people safe and having reconciled with Booker, he took his son to visit Discovery. (DIS: "The Sanctuary")

Kyheem was played by Ache Hernandez.
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