Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
For the prime reality counterpart, please see Kyle.

Lieutenant Commander Kyle was a transporter chief aboard the USS Enterprise in the late 2250s. He assisted the female transporter chief in the transporter room.

Kyle was present in 2258 when Chekov took over and beamed Spock and several Vulcans aboard the Enterprise, and when Scotty beamed Spock and Kirk aboard the Narada. He was still in the transporter room when Scotty beamed Kirk, Spock, and Captain Pike back aboard the Enterprise and seemed amused by Scotty's reaction to his work. (Star Trek)

A year later he was still assigned to the Enterprise and was present when Spock was beamed aboard from the Nibiru volcano. Later, he was the one who transported Spock down to go after Khan. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

This transporter technician was played by Christopher Doohan, son of original Montgomery Scott actor James Doohan. He received no on-screen credit in Star Trek but is listed as "Transport Officer" in the end credits of Star Trek Into Darkness.
He wears the sleeve stripes of a lieutenant commander, the same rank held by his father's character during the run of TOS. Chris Doohan stated on his Twitter account that this character is Lt. Kyle.
Star Trek Magazine issue 159, p. 94, calls the character "Ensign Doohan."
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