"I am willing to die for my freedom."
– Kyril Finn, 2366 ("The High Ground")

Kyril Finn was a male Rutian and became the leader of the terrorist movement on Rutia IV, known as the Ansata, in the 24th century.

Finn was a deeply committed man, devoted to his cause of political autonomy for his people from the Rutian government, even once comparing himself to Earth's George Washington. He was also seen to have religious tendencies, and he often muttered prayers for his people. Apart from his skill as a very effective terrorist, he was also a gifted artist. Finn also had a son, until he died in detention.

Along with several others, Finn suffered a breakdown in his DNA caused by their use of a folded-space transporter after about two months of use.

In 2366, Finn saw an opportunity in the arrival of the USS Enterprise-D to both kidnap Doctor Beverly Crusher, in the hopes that she could help them, and to draw the Federation into the conflict. He further ordered his men to set an explosive on the warp core in order to destroy the starship. Geordi La Forge was able to beam it into space, but Finn's men took Captain Picard hostage as well.

He was killed by Alexana Devos of the Rutian police during a rescue attempt conducted by the Enterprise-D and the Rutian police. (TNG: "The High Ground")

Kyril Finn was played by Richard Cox.

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