The Kzinti Telepath was an unhappy neurotic Kzinti who had a low social status, and who was designated, in accordance to Kzinti culture, by his profession as a telepath.

In 2269 he was a member of Chuft-Captain's crew aboard the Traitor's Claw and ordered to sense the mind of Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu. However the lieutenant guarded his mind by thinking of eating vegetables. When the Kzinti crew was testing the Slaver weapon, the Telepath was injured and his pressure suit was damaged and lost air. However, he was taken to the ship by Flyer (the pilot) in time to save his life.

He, like the rest of the Kzinti crew, was killed when the Slaver weapon's built in computer self destructed by generating a disruptor field. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

The Kzinti Telepath was voiced by James Doohan.
Although Kzinti naming conventions were not explicitly discussed in the episode, the naming conventions of the characters in the episode correspond to creator Larry Niven's descriptions of this in his various stories. Likewise it was not mentioned that Telepath's capabilities were enhanced by a drug extracted from a sthondat, an animal native to Kzin.
In the first act of the episode's first draft script, this character is called Reader of Minds.
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