The Kzinti government was the governing body of a feline humanoid species called the Kzinti. It was led by the Highest of Kzin.

In the late 21st century, the Kzinti fought and lost a series of wars with Humankind. Subsequently, they were forbidden all weapons beyond police vessels and related equipment such as police webs by the Treaty of Sirius, yet nonetheless sought to illegally rearm themselves.

In 2269, the Kzinti government secretly sponsored an effort by Chuft-Captain and the crew of the ostensibly stolen police ship Traitor's Claw to recover a Slaver stasis box that had been previously discovered on Kzin from the custody of Starfleet, in the hope that it contained a weapon. In the event of this mission's failure, the Highest of Kzin would have repudiated the privateers. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

In Larry Niven's Known Space Universe the Kzinti government was named "Kzinti Patriarchy". After the defeat by Human forces it was stripped down to twelve star systems by the Treaty of Sirius.
Because of possible license conflicts the space occupied by Kzinti was simply marked "The Patriarchy" in Geoffrey Mandel's Star Trek: Star Charts on page 36. In the likewise non-canon Star Fleet Battles Universe, the Kzinti government was named the "Kzinti Hegemony".
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