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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Lower Decks, and thus may contain spoilers.

Chronological list of "studio models" in Star Trek: Lower Decks. While most of these designs were technically never "models" due to the series being animated, they would have been models if the format had been different.

This list is of all new model designs that first appeared in Lower Decks. Information on models that represented a single design can be found in the articles linked below. Information on models that were recycled or refurbished to represent different vessels or props from different species in all series will be listed herein.

Season 1

Federation starships

Three unnamed Federation starships

  • No information yet


The USS Cerritos

Type 6A shuttlecraft

Several Type 6A shuttlecraft

Galardonian airships

Two different Galardonian airships

Galardonian farming vehicle

A Galardonian farming vehicle

Gelrakian ship

Gelrakian ships

Gelrakian boarding pods

Gelrakian boarding pods

Ancient generation ship

An ancient generation ship


USS Vancouver, a Parliament-class starship

Orbital platform

Drookmani ship

Drookmani ship


Osler, an Osler-type starship

Clicket ship

Pakled ship


The USS Titan

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