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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and thus may contain spoilers.

Lieutenant La'an Noonien-Singh was a female Human Starfleet officer who lived during the 23rd century. (SNW: "Strange New Worlds")


Early life

La'an Noonien-Singh was born on December 8, 2228 on Alpha I to Sa'an and Ronu Noonien-Singh. She also had a brother named Manu. As a child, Noonien-Singh lived aboard the colony ship SS Puget Sound, which was attacked by the Gorn. The population of the colony ship was captured and placed on a Gorn planetary nursery, where the entire population of the ship except La'an were subsequently either eaten alive or had their bodies slit open and used as breeding sacks. La'an, the only survivor, was then sent into space on a "raft" as part of a ritual. She was eventually rescued by the crew of the USS Martin Luther King Jr., including Ensign Una Chin-Riley, who helped her recover from the incident, and inspired her to join Starfleet. (SNW: "Strange New Worlds")

Starfleet career

In 2259, Lieutenant Noonien-Singh was assigned to the USS Enterprise as acting first officer following Chin-Riley's disappearance. She became permanent chief of security following Una's rescue. (SNW: "Strange New Worlds")



Background information

La'an Noonien-Singh was played by Christina Chong. Despite being called "lieutenant" in the episode, she wore what are traditionally lieutenant commander stripes on her uniform. This is likely an error in costuming.