The Labrador Retriever was a breed of domesticated dog, originating from the Labrador province of Canada, on Earth. Labrador Retrievers came in three primary fur colors: black, brown, and sandy yellow, called black labs, chocolate labs, and yellow labs, respectively.

A litter of Labrador Retrievers was kept at the nursery aboard the USS Enterprise-D at the beginning of the year 2365. Ian Troi was very fond of the little dogs and asked Captain Jean-Luc Picard if he had ever played with puppies. (TNG: "The Child")

When Amanda Rogers (supposedly Human, but in reality a Q) came aboard the Enterprise-D in 2368, she inadvertently manifested a litter of ten Labrador Retrievers in her quarters. (TNG: "True Q")

The puppies seen in "True Q" were trained by Rob Bloch, LuJean Rose, and Karen Thomas-Kolakowski of Critters of the Cinema.

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