The Lactra VII Zoo is a zoo on Lactra VII built and maintained by the Lactrans. (TAS: "The Eye of the Beholder")

The Collection Edit

The collection contains varied species from several planets.

Aquatic creature Edit

Aquatic creature

Aquatic creature in a boiling lake

An aquatic environment contained an unknown aquatic creature. The water was very high temperature.

Canopus III dinosaur Edit

Canopus III dinosaur hit

Canopus III dinosaur

The Canopus III dinosaur was kept in a desert environment nearly identical to its native one on Canopus III.

Maravel dragon like creatureEdit

Marabel dragon

A Maravel dragon like creature

The Maravel dragon like creature was kept in a rainforest environment.

Human Edit

Zoo Humans

A Lactran watches Humans in their native environment

The Human specimens were kept in an environment that included real grass and apple trees, a house, a stone walkway, and a pool. An exhibit of Human tools were on display outside the Human enclosure, including a phaser, a communicator, a medical kit, and a tricorder.

Humans kept in the zoo

Unknown creature #1 Edit

Zoo Unknown 1

Unknown species #1

A strange creature.

Unknown creature #2 Edit

Zoo Unknown 2

Unknown species #2

A wolf-type creature.

Unknown creature #3 Edit

Zoo Unknown 3

Unknown species #3

An insectoid creature.

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