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Laira Rillak was a female Human, Bajoran, and Cardassian hybrid who lived during the late 32nd century. She served for many years as a Federation politician, before she was elected president of the rebuilding United Federation of Planets in 3190.

Rillak was part-Human on her mother's side, though her mother never saw Earth in her lifetime. (DIS: "...But to Connect")

Though she was not in Starfleet, she felt that serving on her father's cargo ship had given her a resilience for rough space travel. In those travels, she had become familiar with the Kobayashi Maru scenario, and the lessons of command it was intended to teach. (DIS: "Kobayashi Maru")

Rillak was the Federation's top ambassador for twenty years before assuming the presidency. (DIS: "The Galactic Barrier")

In 3190, President Rillak addressed the first group of Starfleet Academy cadets in over a hundred years and also unveiled Archer Spacedock. Shortly after, she accompanied Captain Michael Burnham and the USS Discovery on a mission to Deep Space Repair Beta Six and Kwejian. (DIS: "Kobayashi Maru")

Later that year, President Rillak arranged a joint mission between Starfleet and the Qowat Milat to track down a rogue sister named J'Vini who had murdered a Starfleet officer while stealing dilithium from a Federation vessel. After the mission's success, she authorized the extradition of J'Vini to Ni'Var, reasoning that allowing the former Federation founding world to prosecute one of their own would increase the likelihood that they would ultimately rejoin. (DIS: "Choose to Live")



Background information

President Rillak was played by Chelah Horsdal.

Rillak's ancestry was first mentioned on screen in "All Is Possible"; prior to this, it was only discussed in interviews with Michelle Paradise and Olatunde Osunsanmi. Paradise described developing a Federation President for DIS Season 4 that would say something "about the world that we're in," and that Human-Bajoran-Cardassian heritage seemed like "an interesting choice" given the history between those species. [1]

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