Lamat'Ukan was a Jem'Hadar soldier during the Dominion War and also an "Alpha", one of the first Jem'Hadar to be bred in the Alpha Quadrant.

In 2374, he served as Kudak'Etan's Third, under the Vorta Gelnon. Lamat'Ukan participated in the assault which captured the USS Defiant. Kudak'Etan planned to have Lamat'Ukan replace Ixtana'Rax as his Second after their current mission, since he was pleased with Lamat'Ukan's initiative. Lamat'Ukan was subdued when the Defiant crew regained control and flooded the ship with anesthezine gas. He was later sent to a Federation prisoner of war camp. (DS9: "One Little Ship")


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Lamat'Ukan was portrayed by Christian Zimmerman. The character's name comes from the script for the episode. [1]

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In the backstory of Star Trek Online, Odo ordered the Jem'Hadar remaining in the Alpha Quadrant to return to the Gamma Quadrant, but Lamat'Ukan and his subordinates refused, regarding Odo as a false god. They were later hired by Gul Madred as security for his mining operations in the Septimus system. In the game proper, he is killed when the player character attacks his stronghold on Orias III in the mission "The New Link".

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