Landscape architecture was a form of architecture that focused on the art and science of developing land for recreational use and enjoyment through effective placement of architectural structures, pathways, and plant forms.

In 2373, Richard Bashir was involved in landscape architecture in the capacity of designing parks and public spaces. Bashir eloquently described to Jadzia Dax and Benjamin Sisko, his love for "working on projects that will be enjoyed by thousands of people long after I'm gone," which he described as "my legacy, my gift to succeeding generations."

Bashir, who always aimed higher that he could ever reach, in the eyes of his son, Julian, was later confronted about his "profession." Julian's mother defended her husband's work, describing to her son how "excited" he was about his work, going to lengths to describe "the stacks of drawings in our house" and how "it's like living in a drafting studio." Richard added that "some very important people have expressed interest in my park designs. I have several good prospects on the horizon." Julian, bitterly responded to his father that he had always had "'good prospects', but they always seem to stay just over that horizon."

Later, when it was about to be publicly revealed that Julian was genetically engineered, Julian chastised his parents for having his genes manipulated, or as he described, being made into Richard's "legacy, [his] proud gift to the world" who was "about to be revealed as a fraud, just like you," further analogizing that Richard used to be his father, but now he was Julian's "architect" – "the man who designed a better son to replace the defective one he was given.

After accepting a two-year prison sentence for illegal genetic engineering, Bashir pondered that he might "usher in a new renaissance in landscape architecture. I'll certainly have time to work on my designs." (DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume")

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