Lieutenant Laneth was a female Klingon warrior who lived in the 22nd century. Her unit was infected with the Klingon augment virus in 2154.

Laneth was among several Klingons chosen to undergo a genetic augmentation. However, as the DNA used was from Human augments, it caused Laneth to lose her cranial ridges and take on Human features. In the end, it would have caused her an agonizing death. She took part in an attack on Enterprise NX-01, which failed. Laneth subsequently met with General K'Vagh, who told her to be strong. She told him she would die with her fellow augments. Though he informed her there was a possible cure, Laneth wanted to know if her ridges could be returned. She felt that, without her ridges, she and others like her would be outcasts in the Klingon Empire. She told him she had felt fear for the first time due to the virus and that she would rather die than continue to live with it. Fortunately, she and her unit were later cured by Phlox, although she and the rest of her race did not retain their cranial ridges. (ENT: "Divergence")

Laneth was played by actress Kristin Bauer.
In the final draft script of "Divergence", Laneth was described as "a striking female warrior with a smooth forehead."
The novel Live by the Code gives her full name as Laneth, daughter of Garjud.

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