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For the similarly named chemical elements, please see Lanthanide.

The Lanthanites were a humanoid species.


A group of Lanthanites lived among Humans on Earth for thousands of years undetected until the 22nd century. One of them, Pelia, first revealed her species identity to Amanda Grayson. Spock admitted he had always found her people fascinating. In turn, Pelia related that what she found most challenging about her long life span was not the loss of friends and loved ones to time, but instead boredom. (SNW: "The Broken Circle")


Lanthanites were almost indistinguishable from Humans. Uhura was able, however, to recognize Pelia's accent, identifying her as a Lanthanite. They possessed an extremely long life span, described as "almost forever". (SNW: "The Broken Circle") Pelia, herself, was on Earth as early as the time of Pythagoras. (SNW: "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow")




Background info[]

Regarding Pelia's accent, Kane said in a Variety interview:

"I wanted her to sound like you don’t know where exactly she comes from...There is an elegance and a power to it. It's unique on the ship – nobody else has that accent or whatever it is...You know, I'm not a very confident person, unlike Pelia. I was terrified that at the end of it, they would say, 'No, we want you to regular voice,' but they didn’t. They said, 'Go for it!' I think that was brave of them."

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