Lara was a Human hunter who was well-known for her flawless directional sense. In 2269, she was one of six specialists chosen for the mission to discover the stolen Soul of the Skorr.

Lara came from a planet with a large female population, where men were scarce. If they found a man attractive, their custom was to be straightforward about their feelings. During the mission, she openly expressed her attraction to James T. Kirk, and wished that their mission was a pleasure trip, so that they could have some "green memories" together.

Lara was not particularly fond of Vulcans, and referred to them as "cold blooded critters." At one point during the mission, she wondered if Spock quoted anything more than statistics. (TAS: "The Jihad")

The voice of Lara was provided by Jane Webb.
While Lara was repeatedly described as Human in the episode, described her as appearing "mostly human, except for bushy eyebrows. [1]
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