Larhana settlement

The Larhana settlement as it first appears to the conscript.

The Larhana settlement was a simulated village on the Vori homeworld, used as part of their forced training program for new soldiers. It was adjacent to a body of water. The conscript was intended to bond with the inhabitants of the village, including an old man named Penno and a child named Karya. Afterward, the village would be attacked by the Kradin and all the villagers killed or taken into slavery, thus evoking hate in the soldier.

Chakotay encountered the Larhana settlement after his shuttle crashed on the Vori-Kradin planet in 2374. He realized that he had been a victim of Vori propaganda when Tuvok took him back to Larhana, which had been reset to its initial state. (VOY: "Nemesis")

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