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Larry Anderson (born 22 September 1952; age 67) is an actor who played a Tarlac officer in Star Trek: Insurrection.

Anderson was born in Minnesota and is a professional magician. He has appeared in several infomercial videos and television commercials. As a magician he has starred in several television shows and specials such as Star Search (1984, with David Birney and John Kassir), The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson (1986), Truth or Consequences (1987-1988), and The Desilu Story (2003, with Whoopi Goldberg).

His acting resume includes films such as The Amazing Spider-man (1977, with Michael Pataki), Eve of Destruction (1991, with Tim Russ, Tom Morga, Eddie Matthews, Jeff McCarthy, Thomas Knickerbocker, and stunts by Jeff Cadiente, Gary Baxley, John Escobar, and Jeff Smolek), and Wedding Daze (2004, with John Larroquette and stunts by Shawn Crowder).

His resume also includes guest appearances in television series such as Charlie's Angels (1977), Knight Rider (1982, with Lance LeGault and Charles Napier), The A-Team (1985, starring Dwight Schultz), Matlock (1987, with Corbin Bernsen, Frank Collison, and Ann Gillespie), Freddy's Nightmares (1988, with John DeMita and Susan Oliver), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1993, with Ann Gillespie), and The O.C. (2003, with Melinda Clarke, Daphne Ashbrook, Barry Wiggins, and Christine Romeo).

For many years Anderson was a prominent celebrity Scientologist and starred in their recruitment videos. As of 2013, he has exited the religion and now calls it a cult. [1]

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