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Lieutenant Lasca was a 24th century Starfleet engineer in the Starfleet Engineering Corps.

In an alternate timeline, created in 2372, Lasca and Harry Kim created the experimental runabout, USS Yellowstone. On stardate 49011, Lasca and Kim had a meeting at Starfleet Headquarters with Admiral Strickler regarding the Yellowstone.

Before Kim was to appear at the meeting, Libby woke him up, saying she didn't want Lasca to blame her for his tardiness. Later, after Kim had flustered his way through the meeting, Lasca called Libby to express his concern for Kim, saying he'd never seen the ensign so anxious before. He visited Kim in his apartment after discovering Harry's attempts to access classified files, bringing two officers with him to escort Kim to Starfleet Headquarters.

While at HQ, he and Strickler grilled Kim as to why he was contacting Tom Paris, a known member of the Maquis. After hearing Kim's reasons, Lasca told the ensign he believed him, suggesting several possibilities for why Kim believed he belonged on Voyager, such as a delusion, an alteration to Kim's memory centers, or even having been replaced by an alien imposter. After Kim rebuffed those possibilities, Lasca reiterated their wish to help Kim, but felt the facts of Kim's case looked bad for him even if he was telling the truth. (VOY: "Non Sequitur")

Lasca was played by Mark Kiely.
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