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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Prodigy, and thus may contain spoilers.

Chakotay and the cadets devise a bold but perilous plan to relaunch the Protostar. Before the ship can fly, however, it will first have to sail.



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"All aboard the HMS Protostar."

- Chakotay, as the Protostar sets sail

"Would you look at that. Adreek was right. She can still fly!"
"We've got impulse and warp."
"And Janeway."
"Glad to see my faith was well-placed. Great work everyone."

- Chakotay, Jankom, Rok, and Hologram Janeway, after the Protostar launches

"Clearly, I missed some action."
"Things could've gone really bad. But someone showed us the ropes."
"Let's just say, they know how to run their own ship."
"Our ship. And we just went where we were needed most."

- Hologram Janeway, Rok, Chakotay, and Dal

"Communications are spotty, but I've detected Voyager's position three thousand light years away."
"That'll take forever."
"The proto-drive is powered by a miniature star of exotic matter, which we do not have."
"I'm not worried. We just rebuilt a starship. So, let's go build a star."

- Hologram Janeway, Rok, Maj'el, and Dal, discussing the crew's next seemingly impossible task

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  • The name "Maquis" is misspelled as "Makee" in the Netflix subtitles.
  • In the Netflix subtitles, the planet's name is spelled "Icila", despite the name "Ysida" having been used in the previous episode. "Ysida" was confirmed to be correct by Aaron Waltke. [1]





  • Like the rest of the second season, it was first released on (a French public television's streaming service) as well as on AppleTV+ France on 22 March 2024, well in advance of the Netflix release in the United States.

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Adreek-Hu; antimatter; Archimedes; Aurelian; backup plan; beach; buoyancy; Bussard collectors; collision course; communications; Crusher, Wesley; debris; deuterium; deuterium tank; exotic matter; eye of a storm; fuel; hull integrity; impulse engine; jib; lever; lightning storm; Loom; long-range sensor; physical therapy; Picard, Jean-Luc; proto-core; Protostar drive; ramscoop; reef; rigging; rock; rope; rudder; Runaway; sailing; Shinzon; Starfleet Medical; subspace communication; vapor ocean; warp core; warp signature; Ysida; Ysidan eel

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