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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Prodigy, and thus may contain spoilers.

Thanks to Wesley Crusher's timely intervention, the cadets find the Protostar – but the ship's marooned guardian isn't eager for their assistance.



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"It worked! Wesley has catapulted us across the quadrant to Captain Chakotay and the Protostar!"
"What? Oh, what did he do to our ship?"
"Your ship? It's my ship."

-- Zero, Jankom and Chakotay

"Captain, you know these intruders?"
"Hologram Janeway? It's you!"
"Have we met?"
"No, not yet. But yes, kind of. Man, this is weird."
"Like seeing a ghost."

-- A confused Hologram Janeway is greeted by Rok, Dal and Gwyn

"Starfleet uniforms. Temporal mechanics. You were never galactic raiders. But how do you know my emergency hologram?"
"She helped us once."
"Originally, you and Adreek never escaped future Solum."
"But you heroically launched the Protostar through the wormhole's time anomaly."
"Where we found it in the past, and found each other.'
"Then we kinda time traveled again, but sort of screwed it all up trying to rescue you."
"When you brought the ship here, you changed their past."
"And now some nasty time monsters are hunting us down, but Wesley Crusher saved us and brought us here to you."
"I'm sorry. Time monsters? Wesley Crusher?"

-- A confused Chakotay gets an explanation from Gwyn, Zero, Rok, Dal, Jankom and Maj'el

"Thanks, Janeway. Always looking out for us."
"I am?"
"We missed you."
"And this ship."
"Even if it is falling apart."

-- Gwyn, Hologram Janeway, Rok, Zero and Dal

"Would it kill you to turn some lights on in this place?"
"We try to conserve power as much as possible. The remaining systems run off emergency power cells, and every year the backup solar collectors lose a fraction of their efficiency."
"Solar collectors? How do you keep the proto-core stable without consistant power?"
"We don't. We ejected the proto-core."
"You ejected it?"
"Vented the warp drives too."
"But without the matter and the antimatter to power the reactor, the ship has no fuel to fly."
"Like I said, you're never getting my ship off this planet."

-- Chakotay reveals the distressing state of the ship to Jankom and Zero

"Forgive him. He's a captain who's lost his entire crew."
"His grief must be unbearable."
"After the captain and first officer marooned themselves here, it took its toll on them. Seeing Chakotay lose his spirit, Adreek wanted to give him hope. Adreek thought perhaps they could find a way off this planet and find another solution. The captain thought it was impossible and far too risky to try, but Adreek wouldn't give up. He thought if they could harness the antimatter generated by the storms, there could be a way to replenish the warp engines. Chakotay wouldn't hear of it, so Adreek ventured out alone to test his theory, but a storm blew in and he never returned. It's strange. I haven't seen a new face in years, but here I am, opening up to you like old friends."
"I like to think we go way back."
"I don't know why, but I believe you. Chakotay has always been an honorable man. His bitterness hides a scar. He's seen more than enough tragedy for a lifetime and can't bear anyone else getting hurt."

-- Hologram Janeway, Maj'el, and Rok as Hologram Janeway opens up to the crew about Chakotay

"Why's the blobby guy here?"

-- Chakotay and Gwyn about Murf

"You know, as a captain, you're not half bad. Uh oh! But still not half good."

-- Jankom

"Security, I get it now."

-- Chakotay, after Murf keeps everyone from falling out of the Runaway and puts his seatbelt back on

"My crew went down with the ship instead of me. Adreek is gone."
"He sacrificed so you could live."
"When they showed up, I was ready to spend the rest of my days guarding this ship with my life, but Adreek and this crew reminded me there's always another way. You're certain it's safe to return? And you need the Protostar to save others?"
"We wouldn't be here otherwise."
"And with this, we have a chance at getting off this planet."
"All of us."

-- Chakotay, Hologram Janeway, Gwyn, and Dal, as Chakotay regains his old spirit

"Janeway said Adreek had a plan?"
"He did, but he knew before this ship could fly, first it has to sail."

-- Gwyn and Chakotay, discuss Adreek's plan

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  • Like the rest of the second season, it was first released on (a French public television's streaming service) as well as on AppleTV+ France on 22 March 2024, well in advance of the Netflix release in the United States.

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carrier beam; diagnostic check; operations; planet tracker; power beam; system scan; system tracker; transport controls

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