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Last Full Measure is a Pocket ENT novel written by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in April 2006.


From the book jacket
Without warning or provocation, a Xindi weapon appears above Earth and unleashes a blast that kills millions across two continents. It is only the first such weapon: a second is being built, and this time it might very well destroy the entire planet. Desperately trying to save the Earth and her people, Starfleet must, in a heartbeat, change its mission from one of peaceful scientific exploration to one of military service.
There is only one ship fast enough to stop construction of this new weapon: the Starship Enterprise. But its crew can't do it alone. Captain Jonathan Archer accepts aboard his ship a contingent of Military Assault Command Operations personnel: battle-hardened soldiers known as MACOs.
Starfleet and the MACOs are two different services now sharing a common goal, but they are divided as to how to reach it. It is a culture clash that echoes across the centuries of military service. The men and women now aboard Enterprise know they must succeed in working together or the price will be paid in the blood of innocents. Failure is not an option.

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Background information

  • The working title for the novel was Squids & Sharks, a reference to the rivalry between sailors and marines which inspired the central premise of the novel. (Voyages of Imagination, p. 311)
  • The author's note establishes that the central events of the novel take place between "The Xindi" and "Anomaly". The prologue and epilogue take place on Federation Day (August 12), 2238.
  • Memory Alpha was thanked in this novel as a source for information on the Xindi crisis and the MACO characters.
  • The cover depicts the Starfleet War Memorial (β), which features in the novel's prologue and epilogue.
  • This novel was the first to indicate that Trip Tucker survived the events of ENT: "These Are the Voyages...".


Charles Tucker III
Nelson Kemper (β)
Larry Marvick
George Kirk
Winona Kirk
George Samuel Kirk
James T. Kirk


Starfleet War Memorial (β
A monolith, located in San Francisco, originally built to commemorate the victims of the Xindi superweapon, but expanded following the Earth-Romulan War to recount fallen Starfleet officers.

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