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Latika was a child on a class M planet in the Delta Quadrant. Like his father, who worked for the Media Bureau of the planet, Latika wanted to become a journalist when he grew up and wrote for his school's newspaper.

In an alternate timeline in 2371, when USS Voyager reached his planet, it was destroyed and void of life. Kathryn Janeway and Tom Paris met Latika when he saw them appear out of thin air and screamed for help. He told an officer about the appearance, but the officer didn't believe him. He told the boy that he had been reading too many Darkstorm tales and to move along.

Latika followed them, until Paris told him that they were demons and ate young boys, scaring him away. He was not deterred for long, however, and continued to follow them until they got involved in a protest at a power plant. When they were taken to the leader of the protest's house, he went with them. During questioning by Makull, the leader of the protesters, Latika shouted out that they were lying about their identities.

Later, Janeway and Paris told him the truth about from where and why they came. When Paris took a shot that would have hit Latika instead, the boy was grateful and promised to stay with him until help could come. (VOY: "Time and Again")

Latika was played by Brady Bluhm.
In the final draft script of "Time and Again", Latika was described as "a ten-year old", as of the setting of the episode.

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