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Laura Banks (born 1956) is the actress and author who portrayed Khan's navigator in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. As an extra, she received no credit for her performance. [1] [2]

Banks was born in Kansas City, Kansas. The brother of her grandmother is the late Hollywood actor Maurice Costello, which makes her a distant relative to actor John Drew Barrymore. She started her career as a stand-up comedian and toured through the country along comedians such as Whoopi Goldberg.

She had supporting roles in the T.J. Hooker episode Hardcore Connection (1984, along Star Trek II star William Shatner and with James Darren), in the science fiction adventure Wheels of Fire (1985), the horror thriller Demon of Paradise (1987), the adventure movie Retreads (1988), and the comedy Hexed (1993, with Robin Curtis and stunts by Michael Cassidy and Jennifer Watson-Johnston).

Retired from the acting career, Banks wrote, starred in, and served as executive producer for the 2002 documentary The Manhattan Dating Project. She was interviewed for talk shows and news programs such as Gooday LA, Gooday NY, and ABC World News and released the novels Love Online, Breaking the Rules, and Embracing Your Big Fat Ass (2008). Banks was also the voice for the National Basketball Association, worked as a radio host, is the co-owner of the company Targeted Nutritionals since 2000, and is working as a professional astrologer and author.

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