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Laurie Creach Jennings is a stuntwoman who worked as stunt double for Gates McFadden on the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "The Arsenal of Freedom". In this episode she performed a high fall along with Patrick Stewart's stunt double John Nowak.

Creach is the daughter of late stuntman and stunt coordinator Everett Creach who passed away in 1994. In the 1980s Creach performed stunts in the comedy Up the Academy (1980, with Richard E. Butler, Ann Chatterton, and Erik Cord), the action drama Night of the Juggler (1980), the horror comedy Motel Hell (1980, with Dick Butler, Bill Catching, and Leslie Hoffman), the drama Breathless (1983, with Diane Carter, Phil Chong, Marguerite Happy, and Jeff Imada), the comedy The Man with One Red Shoe (1985, with Sandy Berumen, David LeBell, and Mark Yerkes), the science fiction film Warning Sign (1985, with Jophery C. Brown, Eddy Donno, Gary Epper, Kenny Endoso, James M. Halty, Billy Hank Hooker, David Perna, and Scott Wilder), the action film Hellhole (1985, with Christine Anne Baur, Eddie Hice, and Paula Moody), the thriller Reform School Girls (1986), the horror comedy My Demon Lover (1987, with Debby Lynn Ross), the thriller The Principal (1987, with Don Ruffin and Tom Wright), the science fiction comedy Remote Control (1988, with Tony Brubaker, Michael Cassidy, Dana Dru Evenson, Richard Hancock, and Kim Washington), and the science fiction sequel Critters 2 (1988, with Hal Burton, Chris Doyle, John Escobar, Al Jones, Lane Leavitt, Janet Lee Orcutt, and Noon Orsatti).

In the 1990s Creach performed stunts in the thriller Impulse (1990, with David R. Ellis and Richard Epper), the horror sequel Child's Play 2 (1990, with Al Jones, Paula Moody, J.P. Romano, and Jan Michael Shultz), the romance The Marrying Man (1991, with Kenny Alexander, Beth Nufer, and George P. Wilbur), and the horror sequel Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991, with Richard L. Blackwell, Noon Orsatti, and Gary Morgan).

Following a nine year break she worked in the 2000 remake of Charlie's Angels. Further projects include the thriller The Italian Job (2003, for stunt coordinators Ken Bates and Steve Kelso), the drama Seabiscuit (2003), the comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008, with George Colucci and Mark Muñoz), and more recently as stunt driver the drama South Dakota (2011).

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