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Lauro David "Lash" Chartrand (born 24 September 1965; age 54) is a stuntman, stunt coordinator, and director / producer who appeared as a cloaked Son'a in Star Trek: Insurrection.

Chartrand has followed an unusual path into his film career. He has been a prominent figure in the world of action films since 1989, when he transitioned from martial arts competitor and instructor into the world of cinema. Mentored through the martial arts by legendary Master Fumio Demura, he already had a head start in the action genre. From his early years as a stunt performer he worked with and was influenced by some of Hollywood's biggest action stars, such as Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal, and Chuck Norris.

Because of his extensive martial arts background, Chuck Norris brought him onto the long-running TV series Walker, Texas Ranger and hired him as the fight director and thus was born his desire to direct. From there, his reputation gained momentum, and before long he was one of the busiest action designers in the business, launching the beginning of his 2nd Unit directing phase of his career.

After 2nd Unit directing on numerous projects and proving his visual sense of collaboration, he was hired onto Steven Seagal's production unit to 2nd unit direct and oversee all of the action. After a successful collaboration with director Keoni Waxman, he was asked to stay on board to direct 2nd Unit again on the following film. When Mr. Waxman became unavailable, he recommended Chartrand as the main unit director of the next Steven Seagal action film, Born To Raise Hell.

Born To Raise Hell sold more units than any other Steven Seagal film in the previous ten years, cementing Chartrand's spot in the TV series True Justice as one of three directors on the series. After getting his name firmly embroidered on the director's chair, he promptly started writing, developing, producing, and directing his own projects. He currently has several projects in development with his company Dream Chaser Productions.

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