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Lawrence "Larry" Marvick was a Federation engineer and one of the designers of the USS Enterprise.

In 2268, Marvick worked with Doctor Miranda Jones on a project of adapting starship navigational instrumentation for Medusan operation. On stardate 5630.7, Marvick, Jones and the Medusan Ambassador Kollos transported aboard the USS Enterprise. Scotty considered it a rare privilege to meet Marvick, so much so, in fact, that Scotty bet him a bottle of scotch that he couldn't operate his own instruments manually.

In love with Doctor Jones, Marvick attempted to persuade her to leave the mission she had been assigned to with Kollos and stay with him, an overture she refused. Jealous, Marvick attempted to kill Kollos. The ambassador appeared to Marvick, causing him to go insane and take the Enterprise to an undetermined location outside the galactic barrier. He died soon afterwards, in the throes of insanity. An autopsy performed by Leonard McCoy was unable to find a physiological cause for his death, concluding that Marvick "evidently could not live with what he saw."

While visiting the arboretum with Doctor Jones to distract her from Spock's attempts to share Kollos' consciousness, James T. Kirk admonished her not to blame herself for the engineer's actions. Jones explained that she hadn't been able to return his feelings.

Later, fearing for Spock's sanity, Kirk was reluctant to let Jones help his first officer using a mind meld, recalling that she had tried to help Marvick, too, and he was dead. Leonard McCoy felt it was different, because Marvick had loved her, but Kirk pointed out that Spock was her rival for Kollos' attention. (TOS: "Is There in Truth No Beauty?")


Background information

Marvick was played by actor David Frankham.

While the first edition of the Star Trek Chronology (1st ed., pp. 31 & 62) spelled his name as "Lawrence", the second edition [page number?edit], Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 24), and Federation: The First 150 Years [page number?edit] used the spelling "Laurence".


In the Star Trek: Enterprise novel Last Full Measure, Marvick appeared in a brief framing sequence. He was seen with an aged Charles "Trip" Tucker, who had been secretly collaborating with Marvick on the design of the Constitution-class starship.

Star Trek: Enterprise Logs reveals that Marvick signed onto the Enterprise as Robert April's chief engineer upon its launch in 2245.

An alternate-timeline Marvick, featured in the Star Trek: Myriad Universes novel A Less Perfect Union, headed the development team at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

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