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The Leaf Candy Company was an American confectionery and trading card manufacturing company which was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1940.

In its later incarnation as Leaf International, it merged with Swedish confection giant Cloetta in 2011 and ceased to market products under the Leaf brand.

Star Trek releases Edit

Leaf released the very first trading card set, Star Trek, in 1967. The set was only released on a limited scale due to the company's small distribution area (Ohio and Illinois) and was quickly recalled as a result of licensing issues. As such, the set is extremely rare.

Leaf also released a series of chocolate candy bars under license from Paramount Pictures as a promotion for Star Trek: First Contact in 1996. The bars' packaging featured most of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast and each bar was imprinted with an element of the film, including a Borg sphere, the USS Enterprise-E, and Zefram Cochrane. In total, six wrapper designs and seven chocolate designs were released.[1]

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