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Legacy: The Star Trek Fine Art Exhibition was a Star Trek exhibition organized by the Manchester, UK-based Generation Pop Art Gallery, and held from 8 through 20 September 2011 on the occasion of Star Trek's 45th anniversary. As the title of the exhibition already implied, original art work from several artists was exhibited, who had created these for the various incarnations of the Star Trek franchise, which also included concept art created for the Star Trek films. Work from among others Ryan Church and Geoffrey Mandel was especially flown in from the US for inclusion in the exhibition. For the exhibition, Mandel created a to 45 copies limited deluxe "Star Trek Universe" map, based on his Star Trek: Star Charts reference book.

The grand opening was planned to coincide with the first (US) television air date of Star Trek: The Original Series in 1966, and was only open to invited guests, before the exhibition was opened to the general public the next day.

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