Leka Trion was a female native of Peliar Zel and politician during the 24th century. By 2367, she became the governor.

During the crisis of 2367, she led the resolution of the conflict between Alpha moon and Beta moon. Trion eventually appealed to the United Federation of Planets to mediate the crisis, which teetered on open military conflict. The Federation agreed, and, at Trion's request, Ambassador Odan was dispatched to help negotiate a resolution to the crisis.

Despite Trion's fears that the Alphans and Betans would not come to the negotiating table, Odan persuaded her to try, saying that "Those who ignore a shout, may strain to hear a whisper." Trion, reassured by Odan's words, was able to bring the sides together so that Odan could resolve the crisis. (TNG: "The Host")

Leka Trion was played by actress Barbara Tarbuck.
The costume worn by Tarbuck as Trion was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]
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