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Leland Crooke played the Vorta Gelnon in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sixth season episodes "One Little Ship" and "Honor Among Thieves". He also played Plinn in the Star Trek: Enterprise second season episode "Precious Cargo".

Crooke starred in the short-lived 1990s Fox Network TV series Key West (with Denise Crosby and Brian Thompson).

Crooke has also starred in feature films like The Party Animal (1984, with Timothy Carhart, Patti Tippo, Robin Harlan, and Debby Lynn Ross), My Chauffeur (1986, with Mark Holton and Ben Slack), Maid to Order (1987, also starring Julianna McCarthy, Raymond Cruz, and Bennet Guillory), Blue Movies (1988), Pass the Alamo (1988, with Brian Thompson and Logan Ramsey), It Takes Two (1988, with Leslie Hope and Bill Bolender), F/X 2 (1991, with Dennis Scott and Walker Boone), Scorchers (1991), American Strays (1996, with Jack Kehler and John Savage), Shattered Illusions (1998, with Richard Lynch and Spice Williams), Chump Change (2001, with Steve Kehela, John Rosenfeld, Miriam Flynn, and Clancy Brown), and Dirt (2001, with Jack Kehler).

Crooke had a recurring role in the final season of Charmed and has also guest-starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, NYPD Blue, Alias and The Lone Gunmen.

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