Lieutenant Commander Leland T. Lynch was an engineer aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2360s under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

In 2364, he supervised a realignment of the ship's dilithium crystals – an emergency procedure he had to perform manually when a shuttle carrying Counselor Deanna Troi crashed on the planet Vagra II.

Lynch had the strange habit of announcing his full name when answering or making a com call. Captain Picard demonstrated annoyance at this. (TNG: "Skin of Evil")

In 2367, under Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge, Lynch was a duty engineer. He, along with MacDougal, were supervisors for the third shift. During the upgrade of the subspace phase coils, their team performed the final calibration needed to complete the procedure. (TNG-R: "Galaxy's Child")

Lynch was played by Walker Boone.
For the remastered edition of "Galaxy's Child", the original okudagram for the engineering logs was replaced by a new graphic. Lynch was mentioned in the new graphic.

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